The game tells me to act like a monkey. But why should I comply if the computer isn't even checking?

Why? Why not! It's fun, give it a try. You'll amuse your fellow players, and they'll amuse you.


In the Xbox version, I keep pushing the stupid dashboard button while playing. What can I do?

Don't worry. We've created an easy-to-follow tutorial that explains how to disable the dashboard button on an XBox controller.


When are you releasing the PC version?

It's out now! On Steam and on our own webstore. See more here.


What's the difference between the various versions of the game?

The Xbox version is a slightly older version of the game, though we may update it soon. It includes an optional Naughty/Adult mode.

The Steam version features new gameplay content and additional music by Nifflas and special/absurd Steam achievements.

The PC version on our webstore also features the new content and additional music, as well as the optional Naughty/Adult mode.


Won’t I break all my controllers playing this game?

You’d be surprised. Those Xbox controllers are crazy sturdy. Seriously. Nevertheless, make sure to play responsibly, kids!


Why is this even a computer game? What was the point of making it digital?

Good question! It has a long answer – so long that Doug is writing his PhD dissertation on this very question. Here’s a brief explanation:

Answer #1: The graphics and music help set the proper mood.

Answer #2: When we pick up a controller to play a console game, we typically think we know what we’re getting ourselves into. Breaking those expectations allow us to mess with the player in all sorts of zany ways. Intentionally, B.U.T.T.O.N. is a kind of “broken game.” The very obvious gaps, between what the system tells us to do and what it is actually able to monitor, set the tone for a kind of generalized mischief. If even the system doesn’t take the game so seriously, why should we? Rather than try to enrich or augment physical gameplay with new technology, we wanted to disenchant or un-augment existing gaming technologies.

Answer #3: Fuck it, who cares? We just wanted to win some free GDC passes.


Is Lau really the second hottest male in the Danish game industry?



Are you going to keep working on the game? Will there be any sequels?

We’re currently in the early stages of designing a “B.U.T.T.O.N. HD” for some of the other consoles. We think we have some pretty funny ideas. Stay tuned!


But what about versions in languages other than English? Or how about a version where I can write my own content?

Yup, we'd definitely like to support these two features. In hindsight, we wish we had planned onthem from the beginning (would have made things so much easier!). Right now, we're all quite busy, but we'll do our best...